Monthly Archives: September 2017

image Zak Garriss and Chris Floyd Discuss Life is Strange: Before the Storm

The latest entry in the Life is Strange franchise is spearheaded by Deck Nine Games, a new developer to the franchise. In this interview, Lead Writer Zak Garriss and co-Game Director Chris Floyd talk shop about the new game and their creative process. More…

image Hiveswap’s first act is a good-but-regular Kansas City Shuffle

Five years ago a Kickstarter for a “Homestuck Adventure Game” raised $2.5 million and had people asking: “What the hell is Homestuck?”

Except for me. I was deep into the world of this webcomic and ready to play.


image Can we learn from Destiny and patch “free speech?”

We patch games to balance the environment and prevent cheaters from exploiting the system. Why do some people seem so resistant to patching our real-world systems? More…