What is Intelligame?

“Gaming” changes and morphs all around us. As a a form of entertainment, we pour countless hours into virtual worlds contained on screens large and small, boards, and cards, all windows into spaces where we play heroes, villains, entrepreneurs, homemakers, elves, mercenaries…the list goes on. But where games used to primarily be a form of entertainment and escapism, these games we play are becoming a deeper part of the stories of our lives.

I strive to help you find the games worth playing, to highlight stand-out titles both new and old, and help shed new perspectives into the world and culture of gaming. I’ll share personal stories about my experiences with the world of games, and comment on the changes taking place around us. I hope to make this place more than just another gaming site; I want this to be the beginning of a community, one focused on sharing ideas, broadening horizons, and most of all, loving games.

Though we may talk about recent news, this isn’t a news site.

Though we may review games, this isn’t a review site.

Though we may get a bit personal, this isn’t a blog site.


Welcome to Intelligame.